About Us

Pollinators Matter!

Bees In Schools is dedicated to educating and sharing the fascinating world of honey bees, our native bee populations and other valuable pollinators to our youth and the community. We offer interactive classroom presentations , apiary visits and community programs. Our founder Louise Edsall, is an experienced environmental educator with over 20 years of youth environmental education. She has personally educated over 12,000 students!

Apiary Visits

In addition to the fun, informative and engaging classroom presentations, we offer apiary visits beginning Spring of 2018 for a safe hands-on, don a bee suit experience! The kids will experience first-hand what it is like to be a beekeeper! What a memory!

School and Community Pollinator Gardens

Bees In Schools offers assistance in both school and community pollinator garden planning and planting! Emphasis on native plants and spring through fall frost blooms!

"If you plant it, they will pollinate it!"