Children's House Montessori School of Reston Fairfax County

"Bees in Schools" came to Children's House Montessori School of Reston this April to give a presentation for our preschoolers and Kindergartners (3, 4 and 5 year-olds). Ms. Edsall was phenomenal: she kept all the children engaged throughout the presentation. There were fun props and volunteers from the audience got to dress up in different costumes (the "Queen Bee", "Drone", "Worker Bee" and "Beekeeper"). She also had great, enlarged photographs of the different kinds of bees. Ms. Edsall was extremely well informed on the subject and the children and staff alike marveled at the amazing facts about bees. It was a marvelous event that was both incredibly educational and so, so fun. At the end of the presentation, Ms. Edsall had packets of flower seeds for each child. We give "Bees in School" an enthusiastic two thumbs up! We will definitely have this presentation again at Children's House Montessori School!


Cinthia Drake

P. B. Smith Elementary Fauquier Public Schools

Louise is devoted to helping schools raise eco-conscious children and educating them with hands-on experiences about the honey bee. As an environmental educator, Louise uses honey bees to showcase the interconnectedness of all living things.Throughout her bee presentations, Louise cultivates curiosity using an observation hive where students get an up-close and personal view of the honey bees. Students learn about bee identification, honey and pollen production. They learn about the anatomy and lifecycle of the honey bee; how they communicate through dance.  

Louise encourages higher level thinking skills in students when she challenges them to identify the critical role the honey bees play  in pollinating fruits and vegetables...our food. 

 Louise. Supports children as experiential learners and helps them understand where their food comes from and the importance of fresh food out of the ground versus processed foods out of the box. While learning about the mutually beneficial relationship between bees and plants, children are encouraged to be responsible, respectful citizen scientists who will be more inspired to get outside, grow a garden, make healthy food choices and take care of the honey bee. 

 P.B. Smith Elementary School's creed promotes environmental awareness and students who are responsible, respectful and caring citizens. Louise's Bees in Schools program has supported our mission through her engaging presentations and genuine compassion for all living things. Her love of bees comes through in every lesson she teaches.


Barbara Dennee Grade 5 teacher